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  • Will you design outside Atlanta?
    We evaluate each project on a case-by-case basis. We certainly want to work with you, as long as we are able to live up to our clients' expectations.
  • How do we determine a budget for my project?
    Not one of our services is “one size fits all”. Cost varies by home, what your needs are, your timeline, etc. In the initial consult, which is $125, we come to your home, assess your needs, see the space(s), and offer on-the-spot advice during the one hour consult. Then we go back and calculate the number of hours we need to source, design, meet, shop/purchase, schedule, and install the project. Our estimates are very detailed and transparent so that you know how your money is being spent.
  • The design process seems involved. How long does it take?
    A minimum of 2-3 weeks is needed to prepare a design proposal. During this timeframe, we source and take measurements to ensure everything we propose fits the space. Two concept boards showcasing the design will be presented to you personally. You can easily mix and match items from each design if you so choose. Once the elements of the design are agreed upon, an estimate is fine-tuned and we start the journey to creating a beautiful home you will love!
  • Can you tell me a little bit more about your Virtual Design services?
    You provide us with your Style Questionnaire, room measurements, photos, budget, and we will custom design your personal inspiration boards - full of exciting suggestions for your project. Our design is sent directly to you via email. As lined out under Our Services, there are two levels of Virtual Design to choose from, with details provided. If you have any further questions, please contact us.
  • How many revisions can I make?
    During our presentation, two curated conceptual directions will be provided for each room. After you have had time to sit with the design and we thoroughly discuss our options, you will have the opportunity for 1 round of revisions. The time may vary on how long each client needs to review - just remember, the final design will be provided 1-2 weeks after we receive your requests. Any additional revisions or overhaul of the original direction are subject to additional costs.
  • Will you provide updates on a regular basis?
    Absolutely. Timelines are the “checks and balances” of each project and we gladly share them with you.
  • Can I be present at the installation?
    We prefer to work with our team only. If we need anything answered you are only a phone call away. It’s difficult to maintain our fast pace when the client is at home.
  • If something isn’t quite right, will you guarantee your work?"
    You bet. We stand behind our work 100%. If you are not happy, neither are we.
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